The Mix Tape


Released: January 29th 2010
Recorded at Fuey Studios
Mixed at Fuey Studios
Mastered at Fuey Studios

Brett Fuentes (percussion, guitar, vocals)
Mike DePalma (guitar)

When I was younger I would make as many mix tapes as I could for my travels. Often I would give one to a friend upon request or because they had to hear a song I was in love with. The best ones used to be when I could synch the DJ to announce the song before it started as I placed a recording apparatus next to the radio. Those days are long gone and I wanted to create a B-sides album that had a mix tape feel.


That’s Alright

Sweet Jane

Helpless (live)

A Hard Day’s Night

Old Betsy

What Do I Have to Lose

Wild Horses (Live NYC)

Inner City Blues (Live NYC)

Running in Circles (Live NYC)

Honey Bee (Live NYC)

Subterranean Homesick Blues (Live NYC)

River of Deceit (Live NYC)

Working Class Hero (Live NYC)

I’m On Fire (Live NYC)

Redemption Song (Live NYC)

I Shall be Released