All Songs by Brett Fuentes
Released: November 6th 2009
Recorded at Treefort Studios, Fuey Studios & Van Ness Studios
Mixed at Treefort Studios
Mastered at Pyramid Sound

Brett Fuentes (bass, guitar, vocals)                                Mike DePalma (bass, electric guitar)
Joshua Van Ness (drums)                                                   John Van Ness (bass, electric guitar) Johanna Hising DiFabio (background vocals)            Anthony Caccioti (electric guitar)
Jim English (piano)

Rebelais is the third studio installment from Brett Fuentes. This is a concept album about family in the midst of ever changing strife. Rebelais is a journey that all must go through to find true knowledge not only about themselves but the world surrounding. Set towards a dark Orwell like future a father raises a child with an enduring responsibility to make things better. This album is a true accomplishment of musicianship and story telling.

On It Goes

Wild Horses


Thought Police


Accusations with Misconceptions

Running in Circles


Down in The Valley

Circles Reprise