Modern Day Gone


Modern Day Gone was an original rock band formed in late 2003 from different outskirts of Central New Jersey. The four members Michael DePalma, Brett Fuentes, Vin La Torre, and Jason Houge collaborated to play shows throughout Central NJ and went into the studio to record a live session three song EP which was self-titled. Their background brings a spectrum of styles from Jazz/Funk to R&B/Blues to Classic/Alternative Rock establishing an undeniable sound appreciated by any audience. This CD captures four great musicians coming together for the sole purpose to make original music by combining their electrifing EP and memorable moments from their live performances. One for the collection

Mike DePalma (guitar)
Jason Houge (bass)
Vinnie LaTorre (drums)
Brett Fuentes (vocals, guitar)


Track Listing
All Songs written by Modern Day Gone
1. Phoenix
2. Sure I
3. Walking the Line
4. You Leave Me One Time (live)
5. Face to Face (live)
6. Picturesque (live)
7. Phoenix (live)
8. Bad Blood (acoustic)

Released: October 7th 2003
Recorded at The Cutting Room (Jammin Studios) NYC and The Whiskey Hoboken, NJ
Mixed at The Cutting Room and Fuey Studios
Mastered at The Cutting Room and Fuey Studios