A Tall Tale on Johnson Road


Front Cover

All Songs by Brett Fuentes
Released: February 28th 2008
Recorded at Van Ness Studios
Mixed by Treefort Studios
Mastered at Treefort Studios
Photography by Meredith Carlisle

Brett Fuentes (bass, guitar, vocals)
Joshua Van Ness (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals)
John Van Ness (bass, guitar)
Johnathan Andrew (bass)
Mark Reilly (bass)
Mike DePalma (electric guitar)

A Tall Tale on Johnson Road is the second studio album by singer/songwriter Brett Fuentes. In his last album, Systematic Chaos, Brett captured the alternative rock music he had grown up listening to from his teen years. In A Tall Tale on Johnson Road he has turned to those influences of Blues and Classic Rock that have always been endeared. This concept album ventures into a story of Johnson Road and the drifters there. It delves into faith and whatever is to come beyond death. Brett Fuentes can be heard and downloaded from various websites including I-Tunes but by purchasing this CD you delve into an experience containing lyrics and artwork that influence the music.

Waiting Room

Institutional Blues


The Wrong Man

You Leave Me One Time

Forever Close To You

Catfish Intro / A Tale on Johnson Blues

Wishing Won’t Fill These Shoes



It’s Not Me

Boxcar to Redemption / Catfish Blues