Systematic Chaos


All Songs by Brett Fuentes
Released: March 27th 2007
Recorded at Treefort Studios & Fuey Studios
Mixed at Fuey Studios and Treefort Studios
Photography by Meredith Carlisle

Brett Fuentes (drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitar, vocals)
Mike DePalma (electric guitar)
Vinnie LaTorre (drums)

Systematic Chaos is Brett’s first studio recorded solo album. He began working near the end of 2005. Engineered by Grammy Award winner, John Seymour, the result is an elegant clash of musicianship and the true art of recording. Trying to find oneself regardless of the systematic propaganda perpetuated by the powers that be. There is a consistent idea of unlearning yourself from Religion, Education, Government, Society and Family, to establish a core identity. Systematic Chaos is a rare and truthful glimpse of what we all experience within the highs and lows of life but somehow and without waver, find peace with oneself and the world surrounding. It is truly an album for your collection.



Rest Your Head

Sum of It All

New Day, Next Time





Save Myself